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Mommy Gave Me Courage

   It is a long story to tell how I got born. In fact, my mom is afraid of the pain of giving birth and scared of scalpel. Considering about natural birth is more healthier than C-section, she decided to do deliver me in the natural way.
But you can never predict the future. The doctor found there were two laps of umbilical cord around my neck when I was about to born. My mom had to make a very hard decision-- to have the C-section.

   When my grandma and my dad flew from Malaysia to see me, they got super excited!
   My mom is very grateful for God, the doctors and nurses. She said they gave her the courage and faith to overcome everything. I also want to tell my mom “You are the best mom I ever have. You’re the one who loves me most and also gives me the courage to be one part of this wonderful world. Thank you, mom!