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Relay for Life! A High-risk Pregnant Woman with Central Placenta Previa has Come

Central placenta previa is also called complete placenta previa, it is the most dangerous type of placenta previa. The inner opening of cervix is totally covered by placenta tissue, so the fetal head can not pass through the cervix. In this situation, cesarean section is the best option. During the operation it is easy to lead to uncontrolled massive bleeding, greatly increased the dangerous rate of hysterectomy, and even threaten the safety of maternal life.
“High Risk Pregnant Lady Chose Madein after Visiting Many Hospitals“
Xiaoyi is 27 years old, she cherishes this tender little life since the beginning of her pregnancy. But it seems like that fate is joking with them about the precious baby. During mid-term pregnancy, she was diagnosed with central placenta previa.
Central placenta previa is the most dangerous type of placenta previa, it means the inner opening of cervix is totally covered by placenta tissue, so the fetal head can not pass through the cervix, cesarean section should be chosen. Normally central placenta previa is accompanied with the symptoms of painless, none incentive vaginal bleeding. It is easy to repeat with frequent frequency and large amount. Sometimes a major bleeding can take pregnant women into a state of shock, it is dangerous indeed.
Xiaoyi visited many hospitals before she finally chose Madein for her delivery after careful consideration. She found professor Chen Huichi who has rich clinical experiences and good at dealing with emergency and severe cases as her doctor.
“She is Only Twenty seven Years Old, and We Must Keep Her Uterus.“
After many evaluations, Professor Chen suggested Xiaoyi to do cesarean section when Xiaoyi’s at her 36 weeks of pregnancy. But Xiaoyi insisted to wait.
37 weeks plus 6 days, it’s time.
Xiaoying went to the operating room after specific examinations and risk assessments on 8th, December.
Before the operation, Professor Chen introduced the potential risks, possible results that may happen and the responding methods during the operation to Xiaoyi and her family. She said:”We have the responsibility to tell the client, and the client has the right to know.”
While Professor Chen and the medical staff were busy in the operation room, everything was ready outside the operation room.
Since Professor Chen reported the pregnant woman’s situation to the hospital and everything was prepared before the operation. Considering the possible acute complications like massive bleeding during and after the operation, the hospital prepared blood from the blood bank and ambulance. Professor Chen emphasized the medicine sequence usage and the dose to the medical staff after the operation. She said:”She is only 27 years old. She is so young that we must keep her uterus.”
Professor Chen was in charge of the operation and Chief Physician Xu Guijun stayed at the hospital in case of emergency. For the hospital, we need to deliver the baby safely; Furthermore, we also should avoid the massive bleeding by observing the new mom carefully.
20 Minutes is Not Only Surgery but also is A Relay for Life
Over 20 minutes, with the baby’s crying, a 2.9kg baby boy was delivered smoothly. Diluted the oxytocin from 20 units to 5ml, and gave the lower uterus segment multiple spots injection after the delivery.
The delivery went smoothly, and no massive bleeding happened. It was a successful surgery, everyone in the operation room was happy.
During the whole surgery process, the medical staff reported the maternal’s situation to her families all the time to comfort their anxiety. After hearing Xiao Yi’s surgery is successful, all the families excited.
20 minutes’ surgery, is not only a smooth delivery , but also is a relay for life; 20 minutes’ surgery , is not only to prevent infant and mom’s life from danger, but also is a perfect examination result of clients’ trust of the hospital.
To successfully accomplish the placenta previa pregnant woman’s surgery, not only depends on good luck, but also Professor Chen Huichi’s extraordinary medical technique, Madein Hospital all the department’s highly attention, united preparation and fully, completely solution.
Xiao Yi and her families expressed their trust of Madein joyfully , “ With the Two-child policy and this successful surgery, if we have another baby, we’ll choose Madein as our maternity hospital again!”
Chen Huichi
Professor, Attending Director
Graduated from clinical medicine, China Medical University in 1970
Always devoting herself to perinatal medicine study, and experienced at cephalic presentation dystocia treatment
Rich experience in obstetric emergency and severe situation emergency, obstetric complications
Awarded as“Advanced Individual in Fight Floods and Provide Relief” by the Red Cross of China
Awarded as“ Extraordinary Doctor” by Yemen Government
Awarded as“ Advanced Individual in Charity Medical Support”by provincial health department