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Tangled--Why I Chose Madein over US and Beijing

     My husband Andrew has always been interested and even obsessed with oriental culture. So he brought me and Diana from Chicago to Shenyang and opened an English training school. Teaching English for him is only for make a living, and his true purpose is to learn Chinese culture.
A lot of problems about working and studying he has conquered can not compare with my pregnancy. Ever since I’m pregnant, he became worried about me and our baby Ania. What concerns him the most is where to deliver this baby? Go back to the USA or go to the Capital Beijing? Or just stay in Shenyang?
The best choice is to go back to the USA. But at that time, the business of our school is just getting on track. Andrew can not spare a long time to accompany me through my pregnancy. And with a long distance, he was also concerned about I will be sensitive if I’m alone.
We were also considering about if we go to the international hospitals in Beijing. Andrew is worried about that the frequent antenatal checkups and hundreds miles traveling will not be good for me and our baby.
At last, one of his friend saved us from this dilemma. His friend told us the story of Madein, and after our visit to Madein, Andrew found a new possibility. His friend told us, a lot of expats including him had their babies at Madein. “They have a good reputation. You can have a look of the hospital”Andrew’s friend told us.
Three days later, we visited Madein hand in hand. “This place is amazing!”and this is my first impression of Madein.
     The assistant doctor Zhang Li told us in fluent English that Madein is strictly structured according to the medical safety and service standard set by JCI and also Japanese service management. In Madein, they encourage natural birth, accompany of the father-to-be through the whole process. Also the husband can cut the umbilical cord to get more involved in the delivery.
Finally we chose Madein. And she didn’t let us down.
20th 1, 2011, our little angel Ania was born.
Everything went very smooth during the process. But when Ania came out, the medical staff found her a mild apnea.