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I Love the Beef-Dumplings Most from Madein Hospital

   My name is Jenny and I’m an American. The time around 13th 9, 2010 was a wonderful time not only for me but also for my little son. Even now, I often visit Madein hospital to see the doctors, nurses and Zhao from the canteen.
I’m a very optimistic Christian. I was singing the songs from the Bible to welcome my baby when I was giving birth. He is a very healthy and energetic baby boy. I praised and felt so grateful to my lord, because Lord brought me this little angel. My lord, I love you!
   Madein is a gynecology& obstetrics hospital devoting to bring the pregnant ladies a healthy delivery experience and thorough postnatal recovery idea. I enjoyed the professional medical cure and health instructions and wanted to communicate with them in the future.I participated Madein’s activities frequently, and also brought my children to their stage to let him give us the perform by himself. Because I believe that my children can also feel happy here. I still remembered that Zhao also participated in one activity and he made us the best beef-dumplings at that time !We were so appreciated that special kindness for us.