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Thanks for the Company of the Most important 10 hours in My Life

   My name is Farina and I’m 32 years old. I came to Shenyang with my husband Paul and welcomed our forth baby birth in the Madein hospital.
   At the beginning, I was wondering if go back to deliver the baby in Germany or here . Then my American family doctor Selina, recommended me one hospital named Madein Hospital in Shenyang. She told me, I will enjoy the same delivery conditions and medical service in Madein just as in Germany. After that, I took a tour in Madein Hospital and found this is a really nice international hospital. They have professional doctors, 24/7 accompany of German translator. After considering about this, I decided to delivery my baby in here..
1:35am, 10th 9, 2010, I woke up by the stomachache suddenly. I knew it was time for welcoming my baby. My husband called my customer manager Li Hong and told her I was having the uterine contraction when we were on our way to the hospital.
   When I arrived at the hospital , Li Hong already contacted doctor Song and midwife Ji Weiguang in 15 minutes.  They were waiting for me at the front door. Everything was arranged. Meanwhile, I was taking deep breath with sharp pains . The doctor told me my cervix dilated to 2cm. Paul was rubbing my shoulders and reminding me by my side “breathe, breathe...”, then I was took into the delivery room.
   In the delivery room, midwife Ji Weiguang was with me all the time. She encouraged and instructed me how to breathe and adjusted the angles of L.D.R delivery bed according to my feelings. So did my attending doctor Liu Yabin. She was there with me and checked my condition all the time.
   After 10 hours’ effort, 1:20 p.m. 10th 9, 2010, I finally met my 8 pounds healthy baby girl! Everyone forgot the  fatigue and cheered inside and outside of the delivery room.
   I was very appreciated the doctors and midwife’s hard work in Madein. It is their company that makes the 10 -hours labor much easier. They brought my family not only new life but also love.