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[Shenyang Madein Women’s and Children’s Hospital] Your personal doctor. If you have any questions, you can consult us and we will respond at the earliest time possible! Here, we have constellation circle, WeChat wall, credit exchange, daily know-how. This is a platform for communication between over a thousand mothers-to-be. By registering to be a member, you can learn about the body changes of both moms and babies. You will love it.



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This is your free daily. Each day, you will receive pregnancy knowledge, infant raising knowledge, beautiful essays, senior export’s “diagnosis in the air” videos, and information about our latest activities so that you can get various kinds of information at the earliest time possible. Be a fashionable pregnant talent, fashion dad and mom!



Official website: http://www.23383838.com
Here you can comprehensively learn about the Madein diagnosis environment, top class equipment, expert team, gold medal service and Madein dynamic news.
Mobile phone website:http://3g.23383838.com

Microblog: Sina official microblog [Shenyang Madein Women’s and Children’s Hospital] [Shenyang Madein Hospital]
Here you can more comprehensively learn about our dynamic development, latest activities, each day of Madein people, as well as popular scientific knowledge about pregnancy and infant raising. If you have any question, you can @ us or send a private letter and we will give you a reply at the earliest time possible!

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