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Early childhood comprehensive development center

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Madein Pediatrics Center themed by “ocean world” is more like a children’s playground full of fun. The Pediatrics Center provides services such as newborn health care, diagnosis and treatment of common diseases of infants, vaccination and physical examination. It has a great medical team consisting of domestic pediatrics experts and experienced nursing staff so as to meet the health need of newborns at their each stage of growth.

Infant internal medicine department

Diagnosis and treatment of common disease such as infant respiratory disease, infant urinary system disease, infant digestive system disease.

Infant development outpatient department

Diagnosis and treatment of infantile eczema, infantile icterus and nutritional disease
Children growth and development monitoring(0-3 years of age), infant raising guidance (supplementary food addition, scientific feeding), infant intelligence development examination, infant nervimotion examination, infant neuropsychological development assessment

Early childhood comprehensive development center  
0-3 years family early education guidance Family comprehensive training guidance
Early education class
Parent-child class
Sensory integration therapy

Pediatrics auxiliary test items

Ultrasonic bone mineral density examination
Growth and development examination
Children intelligence test
Detection of trace elements
Blood lead test
Allergen test
3D color ultrasonic test of infants’ organs