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Ultrasound Diagnostic Center

Madein Hospital ultrasound diagnostic center has the most advanced ultrasound equipment in the world--USA GE Ultrasound Voluson E10.The new technology of GE Voluson E10 makes the abnormal row more accurate. The imaging effect of Voluson E10 is more amazing, can even be compared with IMAX in HD.

With Voluson E10, pregnant mothers can clearly see the whole picture of the baby, the heart ultrasound testing is more vivid and the evaluation is more accurate.The qualified ultrasound diagnostic experts in Madein Hospital have over 30 years’ clinical experience which helps pregnant mothers to get a better diagnosis of fetal health.

Madein Hospital ultrasound diagnostic center is equipped with high-definition LCD and synchronous result-check ultrasonic display instrument in every ultrasound room. This client-centered concept shortened the distance between doctors and pregnant mothers. At the same time, it also allowed the pregnant mothers and accompanying family members to see the baby inside the uterus with no distance. Intuitively, the whole family can feel how magnificent and extraordinary the new life is in the mother’s gestation process.