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Entire perinatal period medical care and management plan

Madein Women’s & Children’s Hospital advocates the concept of “large obstetrics and entire perinatal period”. The large obstetrics integrates prenatal examination and health care, pregnancy period examination and care, individualized delivery and postnatal recovery to provide a one-stop perinatal medical care and management plan for mothers-to-be.

Prenatal 360°care
Prenatal 360°care
Systematic pre-pregnancy examination
40-week pregnancy health monitoring
GE-E8 4D color ultrasound
High risk pregnancy prevention and control and health care
Non-invasive DNA screening
Pregnancy diet and nutrition guidance
Prenatal physical training
Father music antenatal training
International pregnant women’s school
Natural delivery training camp
Individual pregnant woman nutrition analysis
Pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome monitoring
Individualized delivery plan
Water birth
Leboyer delivery
Family supported delivery
Painless delivery
Doula accompanied delivery
L.D.R integrated delivery
Beauty type caesarean
Caesarean combined with gynecological oncology
VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean)
Postnatal recovery plan
Mammary gland management and photoelectric lactagogue method
Pelvic floor muscle recovery and treatment
Leg edema management
Postnatal emotion management
Postnatal body shape rebuilding
Sitting type aromatherapy and sitting bath recovery physiotherapy
Scalp massage therapy and Foot bath
Newborn care and nurture guidance
Stretch Mark prevention and care