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Postpartum Recovery Center

The beauty of pregnancy is like the blooming flower, but women after childbirth will experience changes of varying degrees in terms of body shape, birth canal, stretch marks and face. The Ob&Gyn Recovery Center will make you become healthy and beautiful again.

Postnatal care
Postnatal mammary gland care: promotion of lactation, delectation, mastitis, breast lift
Postnatal edema management: lower limb venous embolism, lower limb edema
Postnatal emotion management: postnatal depression, postnatal anxiety

Yoga Guidan
Prenatal yoga can promote natural delivery, postnatal yoga can rebuild your shape3

And puerperal period yoga can help to restore the pelvic floor muscle.
It can also solve your pregnancy and postnatal problems such as pelvic floor muscle damage, postnatal pelvic cavity organ sagging, mixed and stress incontinence, unsatisfactory sex life, back and belly pain.

Gynecological treatment
Various kinds of vaginitis, pelvic cavity inflammation, cervical disease, including red light treatment, nebulizer therapy, external short wave treatment, microwave treatment, comprehensive treatment, etc.