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A strange environment full of strange people can be intimidating to soon to be mothers, which add more difficult to the delivery. Here at Madein Women’s and Children’s Hospital, we provide soon to be mothers with Doula who will accompany you through the whole process from the moment you step foot into the hospital until the moment of delivery. They may even invite one or two members of your family to the delivery room so that they can experience alongside you the happiness as a new life enters the world.

1. From the time you enter the hospital, the Doula will provide you with a “one-on-one”, all-round care through the entire process.

2. When you enter the delivery period, the Doula will help you and the doctors with preparations for a successful delivery.

3. The Doula instruct, guide you, also teach you the pain reducing breathing method during the labor process

4. The Doula will provide food, massage, talk to help guide you through a successful delivery.

5. After delivery, the Doula will provide you baby raising guidance to enhance mother-child bond.

6. The midwife or assistant doctor may act as the Doula.