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Leboyer non-brute force delivery

Leboyer non-brute force delivery
At that moment, I cried! And they laughed!
That day, I struggled into the human world.
The white light dazzled my eyes.
Whose palm was on my buttocks.
Who used the magical power to beat my feet.
And the cold knife knocking on metal plates
And the shouting of doctors and nurses like a chaotic fire site
That moment, I really didn’t want to say anything.
Their noise only engraved my loneliness.
The screaming due to pain
Was my birth declaration of my humiliated life
At that moment, I cried! And they laughed!



Return to nature, away from violent delivery.
Let`s Leboyer!


Soothing Taegyo music is played to allow the baby to come into the world in a tranquil and familiar sound.


The lighting in the delivery room is dimmed to create a dark orange red environment that simulates the uterus.

We wait until the umbilical cord stops beating before allowing the father to cut it off to allow blood from the umbilical cord to enter the baby’s body to improve the baby’s immune system.


Right after birth, the baby comes into contact with the skin of the mom so as to promote mom-baby emotional communication.


Here at Madein, we don’t allow our staff to use violent methods of stimulation such as lifting the baby at high angles from above, patting the bottom or stimulating the soles of the feet. Instead, our staff is trained to gently caress the back to help the baby with autonomous respiration.

We bring the baby to a tub of water that is similar in temperature to the amniotic fluid to “baptize” and enable the baby to adapt to the gravity of the earth.