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The coming of a baby brings you joy as well as a lot of questions. How to face a new life? This may be a question that a lot of mothers-to-be are thinking about. Madein International Pregnant Women’s School combines expert explanation with practice to enable you to solve problems and experience the joy of raising a child through doing.

Various courses to meet your different needs.

Free lectures

The first Saturday of every month
Location: International Pregnant Women’s School  
Course content: prenatal basic course, popularization of pregnancy, delivery and postnatal knowledge
Seating Capacity: 150

Featured lectures

Every other Saturdays of the month
Location: International Pregnant Women’s School  
Course content: Featured pregnancy course, expert’s elaborated explanation
Seating capacity: 150

Featured classes

1-2 times per week
Location: Member waiting room
Course content: excellent course with limited seats which focuses on interaction and simulation training  
Seating capacity: 24

Join us to be a happy mother-to-be


At Madein International Pregnant Women’s School, senior doctors and professional lecturers will discuss with you various problems of concern including pregnancy, delivery and postnatal issues. The school has frequent lectures and featured classes and stresses interaction and simulated training, including the study of breathing and relaxing skills during delivery, total process simulation of natural delivery, rehearsal of breast-feeding and a series of newborn care skills. With the scientific health guidance of professionals, you will be able to carry out self health care of various kinds at each stage so as to give birth to a healthy, smart and beautiful baby in a good physical and mental state.