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Unique water birth technology

Water birth is a naturaland a pure delivery method says Prof. Du Juan, Director of the Obstetrical Department of Shenjing Hospital when observing a water birth at our hospital.

Water birth is a kind of normal childbirth and it is called a “pure green and pure natural delivery method.”
In some European countries and the US, pregnant women prefer childbirth in water.
The suitable water temperature during water birth can make pregnant women calm and promote relaxing of leg muscles and cervical dilation.
The floating force of water helps the body to give play to its natural rhythm and facilitate turning and rest.
Pregnant women who give birth in water experience less blood loss and seldom have perineum damage during delivery.
And due to the independent adjustment of the body position in water,
Pregnant women can exert more force and the fetal heart rarely experiences abnormal changes during this process.
With the pain relieving effect of waves, pregnant women don’t need painkilling medicine and will have increased strength and stable blood pressure.
Delivery time is substantially shortened with very little physical exhaustion and the postnatal recovery is better than other delivery methods.

Leading professional
water birth technology in the Northeast of China.

On July 31, 2012, the first “water baby” was born in Madein in Shenyang. Since then, dozens of women from China and abroad have successfully preformed water births at Madein Women’s and Children’s Hospital.